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antWARS 001 published on 25-05-2016 13:00 CET

After a first musical try , decided that the insects of the garden had a word to say in the violence of our world. Ants seem to be very segregationist and have six feet and seem to form a much more violent world than we do. Nonetheless from hearing the sounds, the violence seems close to us , sounding like broken hard disks , or having some loop of routine in movement , you can feel confused that the recording remind some computer process looping , but that might be also that you have gotten too used to the sounds of computer processes and forgotten how much there is a bug in them, or the bug is in you.

 From now on ,every week, we will post recordings of our experiments in our garden of their social behaviors with multiple strategies of recording. The mike is on them , the garden is a world , as a radio show : this is world news of micro world wars.

This first episode , after dscovering the day before that a colony of ants in front of the house were considering a large pallette of stone tyles their territory after trying to dry out clover stems in view of making a natural fertilizer for our vegetable garden. The ants from this close to our house (urban ants) went after and killed every single ant from the distant field ants (country ants) who were intruders far away from their home and left to no mercy to the soldiers of the urban colony. The combat was hyper violent , to the point that we could hear without any amplification the treading of the ants. It was a Sartacus combat without the survival of Spartacus himself.
 The next day decided to record with more microphones and some aluminum foil instead of just knives on contact mikes. We wanted to recreated a similar situation , but managed something completely different. We had dug out earth from another distant colony , guess that bringing the inside with eggs and egg caretakers made it quite different than the confrontation of worker/soldiers of the previous day. Many more managed to escape , it wasn't the same kill all as the day before.
Had a chunk of red ants tossed in aswell , didn't see them do anything , seemed that the rival black colonies had more to bitch about.

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